Discovering Our Purpose

In conversation with Dina Newman, Jim Dethmer of The Conscious Leadership Group   describes  the mindset of people who live their purpose, the challenges of transforming organisations and the link between ancient teachings and our priorities in the modern world. 

We discuss:

1.30 - 5.00 what is conscious leadership? bringing spiritual practices to professional life;

5.40 - 10.20 a global cultural shift towards mindfulness and meditation, why it came about and its consequences for modern organisations; 

11.20 - 17.00 the challenges of transforming organisational culture; 

17.20 - 20.10 the mindset of people who live their purpose; 

22.00 - 23.40 how to go about changing organisations; 

24.20 - 34.00 different ways of relating to the events in one's life;

34.40 - 41.00 how to find your purpose and how your life changes when you find it - or when it finds you.













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